On the afternoon of April 3, 2022, the Xing Wu Zen Society held a grand and solemn press conference, the purpose of which was to publicly announce to the society and the media that the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society was officially approved as a legal charity organization.

The press conference was held in the hall of “Marina one” on No. 3 Road in Richmond. Nearly 60 people from all walks of life, news media, photographers, dressed in formal clothes and braved the rain to attend the conference.

At 2 pm, the emcee announced the official start of the press conference. First, Master Shi Xingwu was invited to perform a blessing ceremony for the guests. The Master recited the “Auspicious Mantra for Eliminating Disasters” and “God and Virtue Baoshan Mantra”, praying for the health and safety of the guests, family and friends, and auspicious all the time.

After praying for blessings, the emcee introduced the members of the charity board of directors, and invited the chairman of the board of directors, Master Shi Xing Wu, to give a speech and introduce the establishment and future development plan of the charity organization of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society.

Master Shi Xin Wu’s Speech:

Distinguished members of the Board of Directors of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society, distinguished guests, friends from the media, good afternoon! Welcome and thank to all of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to attend our press conference.

My name is Shi Xingwu, the abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society, and the chairman of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society. It is with joy that I announce to you today that the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada has been officially approved as a legal charity by the Canadian federal government.

I am very excited and very happy. As we all know, it is a very difficult process to apply to become a charity. From application to approval, our team has gone through more than 5 years, various challenges and difficulties.

This is not an easy task, that is to say, the public welfare and charitable activities that my team and I have done have been recognized by the government and supported by the people.

As a charitable organization, this is just the beginning for us, which means that the heavy responsibilities and missions on we shoulder in the future will become more and more challenging, and we need to serve everyone modestly and prudently and contribute to the society.

Charity is a kind of social public welfare that is beneficial to the society and the crowd. It is a kind of selfless support and dedication that gives great love to the disadvantaged or unfortunate people in the society without asking for anything in return.

The hard-got charity number of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society signifies that the society has given us more responsibilities and the meaning of taking on the society, which corresponds to the purpose of our Xing Wu Zen Temple Society.

First of all, we need to build a temple, secure monks to spread the Dharma, provide dojos, and through teaching, practice and promotion, and applying the spirit of Buddhism, we can help all living beings and obtain the Dharma of physical and mental health.

So our first task is to build a monastery, a traditional Chinese monastery. This monastery is a monastery that I have made a great wish to build in North America. The culture takes root in Canada, so that the traditional Chinese culture can be passed on and benefit future generations. This is the purpose and original intention of building a monastery.

Of course, I also hope that there will be a dojo so that everyone can come to listen to the masters’ sermons, practice meditation and Buddhist Dharma, and cultivate one’s self-cultivation.

At present, the site of our monastery has been finally decided in Mission City. We already have the right to use the land, and we have been actively communicating with the local municipal government, exchanging feasible plans, and the architects of the local design institute. After many communication and design plans, the Buddha blesses, I hope everything goes well, and the construction of the temple will be started as soon as possible.

At the same time, we need to help the needy or alleviate the poverty of low-income people through practical actions and integrating social resources to provide food and basic necessities. This is also the purpose of our Xing Wu Zen Temple Society to help those in need in the society.

Here, I call on everyone to support and do more merits. The merits of building temples and monks are immeasurable, and the blessings will last forever! At the same time, it also helps the poor and low-income people in the society, and the merits are boundless!

Doing public welfare and charity is actually self-serving and altruistic, so I propose that the vision of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada is: compassion and love, and helping all beings. Promote the ideal vision of influencing others with kindness and helping others with kindness.


Next was a speech by Joyce, the secretary general of the board of directors. After a brief self-introduction, she read out the vision, mission and purpose of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society .

At the same time, she introduced the consulting law firm of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society , and the consulting accounting firm.

Daniel Li Siyuan, member of the board of directors, director of external public relations, delivered a speech and explained his responsibilities.

Zi Ying Dylis, a member of the board of directors, director of publicity and planning, delivered a speech by introducing herself and briefly introduced the next fundraising activities this year.

Board member-Member Director Jack Chen Jianguo delivered a speech and introduced how to join the membership and the benefits of membership, attracting many guests to fill in the form to join the membership.

After the introduction of the board members, the MC announced that the media would ask questions and the guests would ask questions. No one asked any questions at the scene.

At this time, Master Shi Xingwu stood up, took out a red envelope and donated it to the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society to set an example. The scene broke out into warm applause.

Under the leadership of Master Shi Xingwu, every member of the board of directors present made a donation one by one, and the beautiful host Cici also made a donation on the spot. At this time, the kind-hearted guests also rushed to donate. The scene is warm and touching, full of love.
Total donations received after financial reconciliation: $17126.

Master Shi Xingwu also gave gifts to the guests to form a good relationship with everyone. The power of love and kindness has always been tacit and true. Every virtuous person who is compassionate and joyful will be rewarded!

The kindness of the Master’s example is to promote and influence others with kindness, to drive others, and to help others with kindness.

The vision of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society is: compassion and love, to help all beings.

As the Master said, this charity association is just beginning, and there is a long way to go in the future. The hard-won charity account of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada signifies that the society has given us more social responsibilities and more and more challenges. , we need to be humble and prudent to serve everyone and contribute to the society.

Congratulations to the successful press conference of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society , full of Dharma joy!

Special thanks to the venue sponsors: Mr. Cao of Marina One, Mr. He of Polar Bear Mall for donating 2 boxes of hand sanitizer to the guests at the scene, thanks to the media Richmond News who attended the scene, thanks to HOHA Doris for the live report, thanks to the photographer, thanks to the volunteers, thanks to the host People, thanks to the partners who have worked hard for it, thanks to every guest who came to support, thanks to all the donating units and every meritorious master who donated with joy for their love, and I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you!