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Master Shi Xing Wu was born into a family with martial art traditions. At the age of 8 years old Master Shi Xing Wu studied directly under the Abbott Shi Dec Han and many other masters bestowing upon him a rare mastery and extensive combination of skills, including: 18 weapons, 72 martial art forms, and qi gong (like iron shirt and gold bell shield).

Master Shi Xing Wu became the Head Coach of the Warrior Monk (Eighteen Lohans) Team at 18 years old. After acquiring many championships in tournaments Master Shi Xing Wu became the leader of the prestigious Shaolin Temple Performing Team where he traveled to more than 30 countries around the world.

Master Shi Xing Wu is recognized as a Level-Nine National Martial Art Master, Top-Tier International Martial Art Coach, Top-Tier National Wushu Referee, and a Lifelong Honorary Technical Advisor to the Chinese National Wushu Association. Master Shi Xing Wu has dedicated his career to pass on the authentic training methods of Shaolin Temple and has established Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in British Columbia, Canada.


1995 Champion of Swiss International Wushu Invitational Competition

1996 Champion of Japan Wushu Competition

1997 Champion, 48-Kg of Free-form Fighting of China National Wushu Competition at Beijing

1998 Rated Top 10 Young Boxing Masters of Song Shan Shaolin Temple

1999 First Prize, Beijing Academy of Sports Competition

2000 Champion, First National Shaolin Martial Art Competition

2001 All-around Champion at Zhengzhou Wushu Competition (Fist, Knife, Spear, Sword and Staff)

2003 11 first-place and all-around Champion at West Coast Can-Am Championships

2004 Selected as a member of Canadian National Wushu Team

2005 Selected as honorary member of Canadian Wushu Association

2006 Head Judge of West Coast Can-Am Championships

2007 Honorary adviser to International Shaolin Fist Association

2008 Honorary adviser to International Wushu Federation

2009 Established Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in Richmond

2010 Brought 65 disciples to participate the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony and gained excellent reputation

2011 Invited by the Consulate-General of China (Vancouver) to have a workshop of wellness Qi Gong. Invited as a honorary guest for the 1st Canada-China Champion Fights

2012 Brought students to participate Can-Am Championship and gained more than 70 medals.

2013 Invited by government to perform at the celebration of Canada Day

2014 Organized a group of 50 people to participate Zen Retreat to Shaolin Temple of China

2015 Organized the 2nd retreat to Shaolin Temple of China. Invited by community centers and senior houses to teach Tai Chi and Wellness Qi Gong in great Vancouver area.

2016 To have four successfully “The Soul of Shaolin“ kung fu stage play in Great Vancouver area. To establish Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada and Shaolin International Buddhist Academy.

2017 To become the Honorary Chairman of the World Association for the Promotion of the Elderly.

2018 To have five successfully performances of “The Legend of Shaolin” Kung Fu Stage Play. To have the groundbreaking and consecration ceremony for Zen Shaolin Temple of Canada.

In July, 2018 it was hosted by the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada, the Zen Shaolin Temple of Canada, the KPU University of Canada and the Feisha Cultural Forum of Canada, which co-organized the Sino-Canadian Buddhist Culture Forum. To bring Buddhist Culture and Shaolin Zen Wu Culture into a well-known local university. Hosted Shaolin Zen Heart Respect for the elderly

2019 Master Shi Xing Wu won the glorious title of “Beijing Red Cross helps martial arts enter the Olympics” Vancouver, Canada Promotion Ambassador.

Master Shi Xing Wu, Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre and Zen Shaolin Temple of Canada together with Gu Xiangxiong (Beijing) Trading Co., jointly co-sponsored a very meaningful Thangka Charity Exhibition Event.

Master Shi Xing Wu and Jiaxi Go Chess association jointly organized the “19thShaolin Haihua Cup Go International Championships” which successfully attracted more than 100 players to participate in the competition.

In May 2019, Master Shi Xing Wu and his disciples have invited to present in BC Buddhist Festival to promote Zen Mahayana Dharma.

In August 2019, Master Shi Xing Wu brought disciples to have the Opening Performance in the “Chinese Traditional Cultural Festival”.

Master Shi Xing Wu took his disciples to participate in the “40th Can-Am International Martial Arts Championships” as a referee. The participating disciples received on gold, silver and bronze medal.

In September 2019, Master Shi Xing Wu successfully held the 4th Canadian International Kung Fu Festival, the 18thAnniversary of Shaolin Martial Arts Academy of Canada and [Shaolin Martial Realm] large-scale Kung Fu stage play.

In September 2019, Master Shi Xing Wu received the honorary certificate from the Mayor of Richmond in the Mayor’s Office.

In November 2019, Master Shi Xing Wu was awarded the honorary certificate by Anne Kang, the head of the B.C. Provincial Department of Multiculturalism and Senior Affairs

Master Shi Xing Wu was invited by Omni Television to accept a personal interview.

2020 In January 2020, Master Shi Xing Wu was invited by CCTV and successfully co-organized a large-scare public welfare event “Chinese Kung Fu Spring Festival – Canada Division”

In January 2020, Master Shi Xing Wu and Songbai Association jointly hosted the “Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet” charity event, and more than 300 elderly people were invited to participate in the event for free.

During the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2020, Master Shi Xing Wu launched a network public welfare teaching Qigong Health lecture course and participated in charitable activities for donating medical supplies.

In 2021, during the epidemic, Master Shi Xing Wu led his disciples and volunteers many times to deliver food and winter clothes to street sleepers, caring for vulnerable groups.

In March 2022, Master Shi Xing Wu and the World United Senior Promotion Association once again jointly held a charity event “Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet”, a free lunch for more than 200 elderly people, with lucky bags and calligraphy gifts.

Master Shi Xing Wu has founded Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre since 2002. The Centre aims to provide the public with a platform for Zen Meditation, Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Health Preservation, Buddhist Dharma and Philanthropy.

Master Shi Xing Wu is the founder of Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada, the founder of Shaolin International Buddhist College of Canada, and the founder of Xing Wu Zen Temple of Canada. Master Shi Xing Wu made a big wish to build a Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada to promote Mahayana Dharma and Chinese Kung Fu culture.

After years of hard work and many inspections, the strong support and donations of people from all walks of life, the compassion and kindness of the Great Virtue Bodhisattva in the ten directions, the protection and support of the disciples, and the generosity and support of the believers in the ten directions. Finally, the location of Xing Wu Zen Temple was successfully selected.

Master Shi Xing Wu practiced with great concentration for many years, aiming to spread the experience accumulated over many years of traditional Zen, Martial Arts, Buddhism and medical culture on an international platform to the public. Continue to explore and advance on the way of seeking Buddha’s way for the living beings!