Charitable Donations

“Three treasures in the door of good fortune, and a thousand words to reap!” If a person can give Jialan brick by brick, its merit will not die until the bricks and bricks are turned into dust. Building monasteries and sculpting Buddha statues, so that the Dharma can live in the world for a long time. Dharma giving will have incredible benefits for our present life or future life. The establishment of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple requires your support and merits. All donations will be named on the monument of merits and virtues of the temple, which will last forever. Amitabha!

To donate, please contact us!

We issue official receipts for income tax purposes for all donations

Cheque payable to:
Xing Wu Zen Temple Society

Mailing address:
110-12820 Clarke Place Richmond B.C. V6V 2H1

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