Membership & Volunteer

Admission requirements for the membership of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society:

1. To take the responsibility to contribute to charity together.
2. To be with the extended family of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society wholeheartedly.
3. The membership fee is $30 annually.
4. Anyone is welcome to join us


1. Members can participate in regular monthly health care courses free of charge.
2. Members can participate in monthly cultural activities free of charge.
3. Members will have uniforms.
4. Volunteer Certificates will be issued to volunteers who contribute more than 30 hours in a year.


The Great Prajna Sutra says: “Because the Three Treasures do not cease, all the dharmas of the Tathagata will also cease to exist. If the Three Treasures cease to exist, all the dharmas of the Tathagata will also cease.”

The Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are the three treasures of the wishful thinking of all sentient beings. They wholeheartedly and respectfully offer to, nurture, and uphold the Three Jewels.

Please join us, contact us, become our volunteers today, and protect the Three Treasures together! Amitabha!