Class Schedule

Xing Wu Zen Temple Charity Classes in 2024

1. Dharma Group Practice Class

Study of Mahayana Buddhist etiquette and rules, scripture study, morning and evening classes (every Sunday 10:00-11:00)

2. Zen and Wisdom Traditional Culture Workshop
Discuss traditional culture and ancient literature with the wisdom of Zen, and discuss with each other in the form of tea talks (one class per month, every Saturday 2-3:00 pm)

3. Guqin Learning Class (every day)

4. Buddhist Calligraphy Class (every Wednesday at 3 pm)

5. Sutra Copying Class (every Wednesday at 3 p.m.)

6. Meditation Class to cultivate the mind and soul (every Saturday at 2 p.m.)

7. Yi Jin Jing

8. Ba Duan Jin

9. Xi Sui Jing