On April 19, 2022, at Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada and Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center in Canada, Master Shi Xingwu and his disciples volunteered to the streets of downtown Vancouver to distribute free food and fruit to homeless street sleepers. A lunch, a love, and a wide range of good karma, so that more people can feel the compassion and joy of Buddhism.

Everyone who received the charity food package from the Master expressed sincere thanks and smiling faces full of joy, simple and sincere.

The act of making offerings and giving with kindness, we only hope that there will be more compassion and kindness in the world, and hope that the poor can get the help of kindness and temporarily overcome difficulties. This is also the purpose of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society helping the poor and needy.

Giving is a cultivation method of the Six Degrees and Ten Thousand Actions of Buddhism. No matter what kind of giving, as long as you can let go of yourself and wholeheartedly go to benefit and help all sentient beings, that is the most perfect giving.