May 8, 2022, the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, is the auspicious birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, which is also Mother’s Day. Buddha’s birthday meets Mother’s Day, reminding us to be grateful to our mother for giving us our body and life, and to be grateful to Buddha Shakyamuni, who gave us the wisdom and life of the Dharma body with the Dharma that he realized and enlightened.

On Saturday, May 7, Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple Society, Canada Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center held a unique public welfare activity, “Grateful Mother’s Day”, Mother’s Day gift, free one day meditation.

Early in the morning, Master Shi Xing Wu and the believers worshipped the Buddha and bathed the Buddha devoutly in the Buddhist hall to eliminate disasters and troubles and purify their minds.

Master Xing Wu led everyone to do aerobics together.

Master Xing Wu teaches everyone to meditate and cultivate the breath.

Share the exquisite vegetarian food

Thanks for Mother’s Day, the “One Day Zen” activity is a complete success, wish mothers a healthy, beautiful and prosperous!

The eighth day of April is the birthday of our master Sakyamuni Buddha, which is also Mother’s Day. Don’t forget wisdom as a mother. Human beings become enlightened by understanding the reality of all dharmas, and wisdom thus becomes the mother of enlightened beings.

On this special day, in addition to being grateful and thankful to our parents, Buddhist disciples should also celebrate our dharma parents to eliminate delusion and increase wisdom.

May the parents in the world be free from the fear of old age and disease, away from the troubles of human affairs, be able to eliminate karma, be happy in body and mind, increase happiness and wisdom, and be auspicious and healthy.

On Mother’s Day, let us be grateful to pursue all the good deeds and dedicate the merits to our parents, and to all the parents in the Saha world!