On the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar in the Renyin year, the Buddha’s birthday, Buddhist disciples devoutly make offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions, thank the Buddha for giving us the wisdom of the Dharma body, and dedicate it to all sentient beings.

On this special day, remember the grace of the Buddha. On May 13, Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada formed a good relationship with all living beings. Master Shi Xing Wu and his disciple volunteers went to the streets to give food to passers-by and street sleepers, and provided free food and fruit. Anyone can experience the Buddha’s compassion and gain happiness.

Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada adheres to the concept of “compassion and love, helping all living beings, and contributing to the society”. Every month, it distributes free food and holds various public welfare activities to convey the Buddha’s compassion and love, help the poor, and benefit all beings. , Welfare Society. With this kindness, we can better transmit positive energy, benefit the public, and advocate gratitude and good deeds.

Buddhism has ten offerings, which refers to the ten offerings of incense, flowers, lamps, paint, fruit, tea, food, treasures, beads, and clothing. The offerings started with physical actions, and later included purely spiritual offerings.

In Buddhist sects, before morning and lunch, all would put their palms together and recite the verse devoutly and silently: “Make offerings to the Buddha, offering offerings to the Dharma, offering offerings to the Sangha, offering offerings to all sentient beings, the giver and the recipient will all gain the five permanences – form, strength, life, security, Argued without hindrance.”

The Buddha made all sentient beings happy with his great compassion, and lifted all sentient beings from suffering with great compassion. Now, because of the power of compassion, the ten directions can be penetrated without obstacles.