On the afternoon of October 19, 2022, the charity organization of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Society made a charitable donation to the Pacific Autism Family Network led by Master Shi Xing Wu , the chairman of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Charity Organization, the board members of the charity organization, relevant members, and Kristar Studio attended and witnessed the charity donation activity.

Introduction to the Pacific Autism Family Network

The Pacific Autism Family Network is a charity dedicated to serving patients and families, providing support for people with Autism Developmental Disorders of all ages. Since its establishment in 2016, several service branches have been established in BC and will continue to expand the service network. The main center of the network is located in Richmond, BC, with advanced and comprehensive service facilities, and the scope of work covers the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, education, support and research of autism. Autistic patients and families can get one-stop service here.

Introduction to the Charity Organization of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada

The Xing Wu Zen Temple Society of Canada was established on February 10, 2022 and is a charity officially approved by the Canadian federal government.

The main purpose of the Society is: to promote religious development; to help alleviate the poverty of needy or low-income people.

The vision is: compassion and love, helping all beings.

The charity donation ceremony was held at the Pacific Autism Family Network. The total donation amount of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society in Canada is: $4000, and an Enagic Kangen Water Machine, worth $8000, (sponsored by Jade, a member of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society). Kyle, head of the Pacific Autism Family Network, accepted the donation, and the donation ceremony was a complete success!

Master Shi Xing Wu expressed his hope for more cooperation in the future and for more people to pay attention to and help people with autism, so that their future will be healthier and happier!