Respected Bodhisattvas, great sages, disciples, and good friends, Happy New Year!

In the sound of sonorous footsteps, we bid farewell to the old year and ushered in a new year full of hope. New year, new hope, at this beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, I sincerely wish everyone good health and good luck in the new year!

In the past few years of the epidemic situation, I have been chanting scriptures and chanting Buddha every day, and I pray that all beings will be healthy and safe! Pray for world peace! May the epidemic subside forever!

In the past difficult year of 2022, my team members and I are still united and working together. While constantly striving to improve ourselves, we also continue to care for and help all beings around us. In February 2022, after continuous efforts, Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada officially won the charity organization issued by the Canadian federal government. We know that the responsibilities on our shoulders are getting bigger and bigger. Improve and accumulate experience, in the future, we will definitely do better and better, and serve the community and all living beings better.

Under the leadership of Master Shi Xing Wu the Charity Organization of Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada has volunteers every month. Disciples provide food, clean food, water and fruits for the homeless; they also regularly send love to the Food Bank of Richmond, Canada Food, helping poor families; for 10 consecutive years, weekly free Qigong courses have been given to many nursing homes; every year, the “Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet” is held regularly, and hundreds of elderly people are invited to lunch for free, caring for the elderly and showing love. In September 2022, we also successfully held a large-scale stage play charity performance of “Zen Realm”, donated money to the pacific autism family network and raised money for Xing Wu Zen Temple.

I am very grateful and thankful to so many kind-hearted Bodhisattvas for their loving dedication and offerings, as well as to the many volunteers and disciples for their loving dedication, I truly appreciate it! I wish you all peace, happiness and good fortune in the new year! Amitabha!

I would also like to express my special thanks to the disciples, students and parents who have supported the Xing Wu Zen Temple, Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Martial Arts Cultural Centre, for your trust and support! We are often invited to participate in various community and community performance activities, thanks to the selfless help and high degree of cooperation of students and parents, so that our Chinese traditional martial arts kung fu in overseas shine, the spread and inheritance of traditional culture, 21 years we have been persistent, in efforts!

In 2023, opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and hopes coexist. We stand at the new starting line, we work hard together, I am with you.

Thanks again to the Bodhisattvas of the community! Gratitude for your support, love and donations for sustenance, for companionship, for guardianship, for you!

In the year of Guimao in 2023, I wish you all the best luck in the Year of the Rabbit! Amitabha!

Master Shi Xing Wu