On February 4, 2023, the fourteenth day of the first lunar month of the Kuimao Year, the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple charity donated a batch of safe and healthy food to the Richmond Food Bank in Canada. It was sent to the Richmond Food Bank, offering compassion and love to those in need, and expressing Chinese New Year greetings and love.

What are food banks?

A food bank is an organization that provides food to those in need. People with low incomes get the most assistance because they need it the most. Once a family has paid their rent and utilities, they may not be able to pay for food.

Richmond Food Bank gives Richmond families in need access to healthy food, no matter the reason. Services and Program Information The Richmond Food Bank connects people in need with food and services necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Every week, the Richmond Food Bank delivers healthy and nutritionally balanced food to more than 1,400 people, providing Richmond residents with healthy food choices and enabling them to access relevant services in order to address the root causes of poverty.


Richmond Food Bank

100-5800 Cedarbridge Way,Richmond, BC V6X 2A7


Introduction to Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple Society Charity Organization

Xing Wu Zen Temple Society of Canada, established on February 10, 2022, is a charitable organization officially approved by the Canadian federal government. The main purposes of the Society are: to promote the development of religion; to help alleviate the needy or low-income poverty. The vision is: Compassionate love, kind to all living beings. In the “Five Blessings by Giving Food Sutra”, the Buddha said that giving food and drink can get five kinds of blessings and achieve five kinds of merit: giving life, giving color, giving strength, giving peace, and giving debate. That is to say, when you give food, you will have the merits of the five kinds of giving, and the blessings come from making offerings. Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada regularly organizes various poverty-stricken donation activities every month. If you are willing to donate or make offerings, please contact us.

Contact number :604-729-6981/ 778-668-0933