On February 10, 2023, Xingwu Temple in Canada donated materials to the earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey, a total of 100 new winter clothes, 20 sets of new children’s warm down jackets and cotton trousers, 2 raincoats, and a quilt.

Master Shi Xing Wu and his disciple volunteers personally delivered the materials to the warehouse designated by the Turkish embassy, ​​and participated in the volunteer work on the spot, helping with volunteers of other nationalities, sorting and packaging the scattered materials donated by the public. Everyone was very happy with the arrival and joining of the master, and they kept expressing their thanks. The volunteers also worked very hard. Everyone raced against time, cooperated with each other, and strived to deliver the materials to the victims as soon as possible.

Great love is boundless, great love has no desires. In the face of disasters, people, regardless of national boundaries, regardless of race, join hands with each other, pass on positive energy, and use compassionate love to lift up the victims who are suffering in the disaster area. May they be safe and healthy as soon as possible. rebuild home. Amitabha!

Thanks for material donation: Trendway Trading. LTD., Ziying. Thanks to the volunteers: Grace, Aunt Zhang, Jingyi, Ziying

Introduction to Canada Xingwu Temple Charity Organization

Established on February 10, 2022, Xing Wu Zen Temple Society of Canada is a charity officially approved by the Canadian federal government. The main purposes of the association are: to promote the development of religion; to help alleviate the needy or low-income poverty. The vision is: Compassionate love, kind to all living beings.

Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada regularly organizes various poverty-stricken donation activities every month. If you are willing to donate or make offerings, please contact us. We will issue official receipts for income tax purposes for donations.

Cheque payable to: Xing Wu Zen Temple Society

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