On the evening of February 19, 2023, the 22nd anniversary celebration of the Wushu BC was held in Pearl City, Vancouver. (WuShu BC Annivesary Celebration of The New Executive Banquet).

Master Shi Xing Wu of the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre in Canada was invited by the Wushu BC to gather with more than 50 martial arts masters from various sects to exchange and learn, to promote traditional Chinese martial arts, and to inherit Chinese Kung Fu culture. We have been sparing no effort in our efforts , in persistence.

Chinese martial arts has a long history and is extensive and profound. It is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation and a cultural treasure. It has also become a window for people all over the world to understand Chinese culture. Many people fell in love with Chinese Kungfu because of this and fell in love with China.

(Master Shi Xing Wu performed Shaolin Kung Fu in the performance of famous masters)

Chinese martial arts is so attractive overseas, thanks to the active efforts of generations of martial arts practitioners to spread and inherit overseas, Chinese martial arts has become more and more popular. Many foreigners accept, recognize, and actively learn. Congratulations to Wushu BC for another brilliant achievement!