On February 27, 2023, Ms. Teresa Wat, Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC invited many Buddhist groups in BC, more than 40 masters and many believers from different ethnicities, a total of 123 Buddhists went to the BC Provincial Assembly to participate in the initiative “BC Province “Buddhist Culture Day” series of activities, and introduced a private bill called “Buddhist Culture Day”, requiring the provincial government to designate the first Sunday in May as “Buddhist Culture Day”.

Ms. Wat said that today’s series of activities are of great significance. This is the first and largest Buddhist group in history to visit the BC Provincial Parliament.

Master Shi Xing Wu, the abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada, was invited to participate in this special event.

(Master Shi Xing Wu took photos with the Governor of BC, provincial councilors and all other mages and believers)

The mages and believers set off from Vancouver at 5:00 in the morning, braved the severe cold and snowy weather, and took the BC ferry to the provincial parliament building to attend the meeting. The masters and believers present today include Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese, which fully embodies the values ​​of Canadian multiculturalism and covers different Buddhist traditions, including Southern, Northern and Tibetan. Not only does it reflect Buddhism without borders, as well as the compassion and wisdom of Buddhism, but it also witnesses the creation of a multi-racial and inclusive society in British Columbia.

Ms. Teresa Wat submitted a private bill called “Buddhist Culture Day” on the same day, hoping that the government will pass the bill so that many Buddhists can celebrate, practice, and promote Buddhist culture together on this day.

Earlier in November last year, Ms. Teresa Wat initiated the initiative to set up a “Buddhist Culture Day” in BC on the Internet. In the past few months, it has received strong support and response from many Buddhist groups and people in the province. There have been more than five thousand signatures offline in support of this initiative, and the signatures are still ongoing.

Buddhism is not only a belief, but also an inheritance of a long-standing culture. We hope that through this initiative, we will let everyone understand love and compassion, equality and cause and effect, and build a better, safer, and more peaceful community. Ms. Teresa Wat urged the Provincial Assembly to support her bill to celebrate with a “Buddhist Culture Day”, respect and arouse the attention of all walks of life on Buddhism, cultural and religious differences.

After the agenda, more than 40 masters prayed and chanted in the Hall of Honor of the Provincial Assembly, wishing that British Columbia would be more prosperous, peaceful, and that the people of the province would live and work in peace and contentment.

This event is of great significance, and special thanks to Tsanzhi Rinpoche for his strong support and invitation to all monks and organization of this event. Special thanks to the believers for their strong support and active participation, and to the volunteers for their dedication. The event is complete and wonderful, full of Dharma joy, Amitabha!