On Saturday, May 27th, the “Love the Earth. Multicultural Art and Expo Festival “

Large-scale outdoor fun parent-child event hosted by the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society of Canada and Krista Studio as co-organizer. will soon debut. Event time: May 27, 2023, Saturday 11:00-18:00 Venue: 12800 Cambie Rd Richmond, King George Park (Cambie &
Jacombs Rd ) is free to enter and participate in the on-site lucky draw for free.

The theme of the event: Love the earth, promote multicultural exchanges and promotion, build a healthy and harmonious community, pay attention to public welfare and health, promote the concept of vegetarianism, environmental protection and health, live in harmony with the earth, and create a beautiful homeland.

Highlights of the event:
– 80-100 booths on site
– a variety of delicacies (special vegetarian zone)
– a variety of multicultural and different nationalities display
– multicultural entertainment performances of various ethnic groups on site
– LED large screen, big stage – Bottled drinking water is provided for free in the audience
-high-grade bird’s nest, organic milk powder and other rich gifts
-Hungry Panda on-site milk tea is only $0.01
-The most comprehensive media promotion in Great Vancouver

On-site must punch-in activities:

Annual Buddha Bathing Festival event
A number of charitable groups and some on-site charity sales
Famous artist Mr. Bi Gong splashed ink on the spot
Guqin/Guzheng/tea ceremony/Meditation experience
Potted Art Exhibition
3 lucky draws on site (rich gifts)
Love Earth stamped cards (gifts will be given when the collection is full)
Look for a fun Love Earth logo photo board (you can get a gift water cup when you send photos to Moments)
200 fruit colors Love the Earth and protect the environment.The water cup is waiting for you to collect
Cute Pet Star Dog Show Competition

This is a carnival that is delicious, fun, shopping, cultural, loving, and warm. It presents a world full of love with rich content, bringing you a pleasant experience for your whole body and mind.

5/27 Saturday 11am – 6pm King George Park (Cambie & Jacombs Rd) “Love the Earth. Multicultural Art and Expo Festival , this is bound to be the most fun carnival in early summer this year, and it is suitable for the whole family to participate. Why don’t you Come? Love the earth, multicultural art and expo Festival , it will be more exciting with you, we are waiting for you to come!