On Saturday, May 27th, Organized by the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Society (charity organization) and co-organized by Kristar Studio, the large-scale outdoor parent-child event “Love the Earth. Multicultural Carnival Vegetarian Culture Festival” was grandly held in King George Park, Richmond. According to government statistics, the number of citizens participating in the event exceeded 3,000. With the participation and support of dignitaries from the three levels of government in Canada, nearly a hundred businesses, the media, and supporters from various industries, the event was a complete success and full of joy!

The festival started at 11:00 am and lasted until 6:00 pm. Participating citizens can enjoy a variety of delicious food, a variety of business choices, a variety of humanities, art and flower exhibitions, calligraphy, Chinese painting by live artists, Guqin, Guzheng, tea ceremony and other Chinese cultural exhibitions and experiences, as well as multicultural entertainment performances of many different ethnic groups. The strong humanistic atmosphere at the scene, the passionate love interaction and warmth brought participants a whole-body joyful experience and appreciated the charm of multiculturalism.

At the beginning of the event, the host teacher Han Aitong led the 4 young hosts of the Han family class and Kennith to announce that the annual Buddha bathing event will be grandly held.

Majestic Buddhist music was played at the venue. Master Shi Xing Wu, the abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple, led all his disciples, three-level political leaders, community leaders and believers to worship and bathe the Buddha together. A solemn ceremony of bathing the Buddha was held for the Buddha’s Birthday Day, so that the public also experienced and participate in person, enjoy Buddha’s kindness together, share the joy of Dharma, and feelthe profoundness and philosophical thinking of Buddhist culture, which makes people happy.

(Master ShiXingWu sprinking and blessing)

Master Shi Xing Wu, the abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple, delivered a speech:

Love the Earth. Multicultural Art and Expo Festival”Distinguished guests! I am Master Shi Xing Wu. 

I am very pleased and welcome everyone to participate in the first “Love the Earth. Multicultural Arts and Vegetarian Festival”.

The significance of our hosting this event is: love the earth, promote multicultural exchanges and promotion, build a healthy and harmonious community, pay attention to public welfare and health, promote the concept of vegetarianism, environmental protection and health, live in harmony with the earth, and create a beautiful homeland.

At the same time, the eighth day of April coincides with the birthday of Buddha Sakyamuni, also known as the Buddha Bathing Festival, which is a very auspicious day. We all bathe and worship the Buddha together to welcome the Buddha’s Birthday and wish all sentient beings to bathe in the grace of Buddha , wash the dust and dirt, extinguish all worries, do more meritorious deeds, form more good ties, and gain supreme wisdom. 


(The Mayor of City of Richmond Mr. Malcolm Blondie)

(MP Parm Bains)

(Richmond Community Foundation Chairman, Former Special Consultant of Prime Minister of Canada, Sunshine Lions Club Founder Wendy Yuan)

(BC Provincial Councilor Teresa Wat BC Provincial Councilor Teresa Wat )


Master Shi Xing Wu dotted the eyes of the lion together with the invited guests and sponsors, and wished all the friends present today good luck and happiness, and the business is booming! He also wish the first Love the Earth. Multicultural Carnival Vegetarian Culture Festival a complete success!

Students from the Canadian Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center performed a wonderful lion dance for everyone.

A 5-hour multicultural entertainment performance, hosted by the famous Vancouver host Sisi, thanks to all the actors and teachers who participated in the performance.

In the afternoon, the organizers also thoughtfully arranged a cute pet show, so that cute animals can also participate in the multicultural festival of loving the earth and have fun.

The organizers carefully prepared a lovely love the earth photo board, and 200 exquisite environmental protection water cups were presented to everyone, so that everyone can participate in the interaction, bring the love of the earth and the concept of environmental protection into daily life, and create a beautiful and harmonious home.

The first “Love the Earth, Multicultural Arts and Vegetarian Culture Festival” ended successfully at 6:00 p.m., an event full of love and warmth, combining food, entertainment, pets, environmental protection and multicultural feasts, full of joy!

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