June 18, 2023, the first day of the fifth lunar month in the Kuimao year, is an auspicious day. Today, the 32nd generation Zen master of Songshan Shaolin Temple, Master Xing Wu, welcomed the twenty-seventh disciple in Vancouver, Canada, and bestowed the Dharma name: Yonghong. The acceptance ceremony was held in the Buddha Hall of the Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center.

Ten o’clock in the morning, auspicious time. The apprenticeship ceremony begins. The auspiciousness of the Buddhist hall is auspicious, and the Buddha’s light shines everywhere. Master Shi Xingwu is wearing a scarlet gold cassock with a solemn appearance. Starting from prostrating with the name “Namo Amitabha Buddha” from the heart, the mage held a law enforcement device and led all the disciples into the Buddhist hall in an orderly manner, respectfully asked the Buddha piously, and burned incense to pay respects to the Buddha.

Master Xing Wu told Buddha in a loud voice: “Choose an auspicious time on the first day of the fifth month of the lunar year, and accept disciple Yonghong as my twenty-seventh disciple. “

The mage recites Sutras and Mantras, Disciple Yong Hong followed Master’s instruction, worshiped Buddha and incense in accordance with laws and regulations, formally took refuge in the Three Jewels, and took refuge in Buddhism.

Master Xing Wu holds the precept board to ward off disasters and difficulties for his disciples.

The ceremony of taking refuge in the Three Jewels is over, and we will dedicate ourselves. The apprenticeship ceremony begins. Disciple Yonghong bowed three times and kowtowed nine times to Master Shi Xing Wu in front of the Buddha. Master Xing Wu sat upright on the seat, and the disciple knelt down ten steps away from the master, prostrating, kowtowed three times, and called “Master” loudly.

Master Shi Xing Wu sat on it and said to his disciple Yonghong: “Today, I officially accept you as a disciple and convert to Buddhism. You must strictly abide by the three refuges, five refuges and ten virtues of Buddhism. You must always show compassion and make offerings with kindness. The three treasures of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, you must respect your master, respect your brothers and sisters who are fellow teachers, share the blessings and sufferings, study hard, and at the same time respect and be filial to your parents.”

After the ceremony, the master gave the disciple a string of Buddhist beads and a set of Buddhist clothes. The acceptance ceremony was successfully concluded, full of Dharma joy!

Disciple Yonghong officially became the 27th disciple of the 33rd generation of Master Shi Xingwu, the 32nd generation Zen master of Songshan Shaolin Temple, starting today. Officially take refuge in the Triple Gem, take refuge in Buddhism, and from now on, follow the master Xing Wu to walk on the right path of Buddhism.

According to the “Bodhisattva Sutra”: A disciple is one who has good seeds, has wisdom roots, respects the Dharma, sees one’s nature clearly, supports the master, is willing to follow the master all one’s life, carry forward the great wish of the master, and inherit the mantle of the master. Apprentice must possess the “three refuges, five refuges and ten good deeds”. This is the precept set by the Buddha. In order to teach disciples to abide by the law, it is a panacea to restrain the mind and body, cut off evil and do good. First take refuge in the Three Jewels before accepting the Five Precepts. As a disciple of the Buddha, accumulate good roots and tend to the Buddha way.

Today is the first day of May, which is an auspicious day. Junior brother Yonghong has purified his Buddha nature since he was a child. I wish Junior Brother Yonghong and fellow practitioners to achieve happiness and consummation as soon as possible. Namo Amitabha!