On the afternoon of September 3, 2023, the press conference of “Suxin Charity Dinner and “Zen Realm” large-scale original stage play” organized by the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Society (Charity Organization) was grandly held in Blossom Seafood Restaurant, No3 Rd, Richmond.

Since the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society officially obtained the charity number on February 10, 2022, “Zen Realm” is one of the large-scale fundraising activities that must be held every year. This is a very important and meaningful charity fundraising dinner. It aims to raise funds for the establishment of temples, and to continue to carry forward the Zen realm of traditional Chinese culture in Canada, and it will take root and blossom.

Master Shi Xing Wu, abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada, delivered a speech:

Good afternoon, all Bodhisattvas!

I am Master Shi Xingwu. First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to our press conference today.

I am very happy to report to you that today’s conference is for: “2023, Suxin Charity Dinner organized by Xingwu Zen Temple on October 7th, and a large-scale original stage play in Zen Realm” fundraising charity event. I sincerely invite all believers to actively participate and support us and buy tickets to support us.

Since Xingwu Zen Temple Charity Organization was officially certified as a charity organization in February 2022, we successfully held the first large-scale charity fundraising dinner on September 17 last year, and “Zen Realm” also won the Very good response, and positive reviews.

This year, on the evening of October 7th, the Suxin Charity Dinner and the stage play “Zen Realm” will continue to be held at the River Rock Theater in Richmond.

This is a very meaningful, charitable vegetarian dinner, which spreads and promotes traditional Chinese culture through stage performances, and at the same time raises funds for the establishment of Xingwu Temple in Canada.

The protection of the Three Jewels requires the joint efforts and support of all benevolent and caring people and all walks of life. A portion of the net proceeds from this fundraising event will also be donated to needy families and those in need. I hope that everyone will generate bodhicitta, do more meritorious deeds, and support us by buying tickets.

The purpose of holding this charity performance and vegetarian dinner, I hope that through this event, more caring people in the society will pay attention to us, join the charity organization group of Xingwu Zen Temple, and everyone will work together. Carry forward the traditional culture of the ancestors, the realm of Zen, in Canada, carry forward, take root, blossom and bear fruit.

Here, I would like to thank all the sponsors and individuals, the supporting units, the co-organizers, all the actors and teachers who participated in “Zen Realm”, thank you for buying tickets to support us, thank you for your generosity and support, for Charity! Thanks again everyone!

Thanks!Amitabha Buddha!

Ziying, Director of Event Planning at Xingwu Zen Temple, reports on this year’s “Suxin Heart Charity Dinner” and the introduction of the “Realm of Zen” stage play.

Good afternoon everyone!  

I am Ziying, and I am in charge of event planning and publicity. Now I am here to report to you some details about the 2023 Suxin Charity Fundraising Dinner and the large-scale original stage play “Zen Realm” on October 7: As Master Shi Xingwu mentioned, For this year’s charity vegetarian dinner, we have carefully selected healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes for you, to give you a healthy and pure tongue meditation.   

At the same time, this year’s “Zen Realm” large-scale original stage play was written and directed by master Shi Xingwu.  With martial arts, kung fu, swords, and sticks, and beautiful dance art are integrated into one, martial arts and dance coexist, expressing the pursuit of enlightenment through Zen, self-cultivation through martial arts, aesthetics through art, compassion, joy and giving.  

We insist on originality and build the stage play “Zen Realm” into a brand. And this year’s new script and well-designed art performance will create a unique visual impact art feast for everyone. This is also a great combination of traditional culture and art, and it is a special performance worth looking forward to! 

I hope to attract more groups and caring people from all walks of life to join in, and I hope you will support us, buy more tickets to watch our performances, support originality, and support charity! 

As Usual, our charitable event will also be reported and publicized by many media and parties in Vancouver. We look forward to your participation and support! 

Thank you all!

(Jack Chen, Diretor of Menbership at XingWu Zen Temple Charity Organization, reports on the progress of temple construction)

(Co- organizer: Kristar Studio)

(Community Mental Wellness Assciation of Canada President Chen )

(BC Interior Finishing Corp. BC  President: Susan Sun)

(Ming De College Dr. Wu & Jay)

(Citadel Gate Construction Ltd. Caitlyn Li )

(True Health Global General Management Company Jade)

( Tian Yi Health Center Lucy )

At the press conference, art and martial arts exhibitions were carefully arranged to integrate the beauty of traditional culture and the cultural essence contained in “Zen, boxing, kung fu, martial arts, art, and eighteen weapons” in Chinese martial arts into the stage play , to achieve the perfect unity of Chan Wu dance. Close to the people of the city, lead the believers to have a deep insight into the true meaning of life, eliminate the troubles of life, and solve the confusion of life.

(UBC University HanFu Club performs Guzheng)

(UBC University HanFu Club performs TaoDi)

(Golden Maple Modeling Team performing cheongsam show )

(Zhang Hai Yan Dance Academy performs Chinese Dance)

(ShaoLin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada performs Martial Arts)

The large-scale original stage performance of “Zen Realm” combines traditional martial arts with artistic language and puts it on the stage, opening up a new form of displaying the broad connotation of Zen and martial arts culture; showing the Zen realm of Xing Wu Zen Temple and the profound power of traditional martial arts, and Higher, faster, stronger sportsmanship, and philosophical thinking.

(Thanks to the famous host:Han Ai Tong & Kennith)

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Vancouver Mandarin Drama Society 


Kristar Studio

UBC University HanFu Club

Golden Maple Modeling Team

Zhang Hai Yan Chinese Dance Group

ShaoLin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada

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