On the evening of October 7, 2023, the 2023 “Zen Realm” large-scale original stage play and Suxin Charity Dinner hosted by the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society was once again wonderfully reproduced and achieved a very complete success. In particular, Master Shi Xing Wu’s performance of the Golden Bell and Iron Shirt once again shocked Vancouver. Xing Wu Zen Temple once again proved with its strength that “Zen Realm” is a high-level large-scale original stage play.

There were more than 200 guests at this charity event, and more than 160 actors participated in the performance of “Zen Realm”. The “Zen Realm” stage play is an original brand program of Xing Wu Zen Temple, and the Suxin Charity Dinner is one of the large-scale charity events that Xing Wu Zen Temple must organize every year.  Everyone came together with love and participated in the grand event, contributing to the preparation of the Xing Wu Zen Temple, and continuing to carry forward Chinese traditional culture and Zen realm in Canada. The merits are immeasurable!

Master Shi Xing Wu, abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple, delivered a speech:

Dharma does not arise alone but depends on fate.
On the road between man and heaven, doing good deeds comes first.
In the forest of merit, giving always comes first.

Buddha Amitabha! Good evening, everybody! I am Master Shi Xing wu, the abbot of Xing wu Zen Temple in Canada. I am very grateful to every Bodhisattva present today. With your generosity and strong support, we will work harder and do better and better!

The Xing Wu Zen Temple Society is a legal charity organization officially approved by the Canadian federal government on February 10, 2022.

Our mission is:
1. Promote the development of religion.
2. Help for poverty people in the society or with low incomes.

Our vision is:
Compassion with great love, and help all living beings.

The purpose of holding today’s event is to raise funds for the construction of the Xingwu Zen Temple. We have purchased land for the temple construction in Langley and Mission and we have been working hard to move forward.

The construction of the temple requires a lot of manpower, material, and financial support, and it also relies on the love and blessings from all people. Contribute to the construction of temples and let the light of Buddha save all sentient beings.

I am grateful to all the virtuous Bodhisattvas for their compassion and blessings.

Thanks again to all actors who participated in the “Zen Realm” performance today, as well as all the staff, teachers, volunteers, and their parents in front of and behind the scenes. Thank you for all the dedication!

I wish you all have a pleasant evening with visual enjoyment and taste bud experience!

Thank you all again! Buddha Amitabha!

“Zen Realm” is directed by Master Shi Xing Wu . It combines powerful martial arts with beautiful dance art. The martial arts and dance coexist to express the realm of enlightenment through Zen, self-cultivation through martial arts, beauty through art, compassion and joy.

Teresa Wat MLA delivered a speech and issued a certificate of thanks to Master.

Guests from friendly organizations gave speeches

1, Christian Yuan, President of Star Ring Group (bottom right)

2Tai Jiang, Chairman and CEO of FX168 Financial Group (bottom left)

3, Katherine, Founder of Keistar Studio (top right)

4, Jack Chen, Membership Director, Xing Wu Zen Temple Association (top left)

Master Shi Xing Wu presented the prayer ribbon and the Love Ambassador trophy.

“Zen Realm” is also a large-scale original stage play that combines Buddhist culture, Zen realm, Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese traditional culture and art. Chief director Master Shi Xing Wu and his team spent more than six months of creation and clever arrangement, bringing an unparalleled visual feast to the audience.

“Zen Realm” large-scale original stage play performance stills 

Prologue:”Blossoms of the Buddha”

Scene One: One.

“The Legacy of a Grandmaster”


Scene Two: Color.

KungFu Show & Hard Qigong by Mster ShiXing

 “Knife and Shield “

Changhong Sword

Children”s  Monkey Fist

Pu Dao

Children’s single knife & small arms

Fengmo Cudgel

Tai Chi

Eighteen Weapons

After Master Shi Xing Wu performed “Double Whip”, he presented the audience with a very shocking Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu stunt – the Golden Bell Cover Iron Cloth Shirt Hard Qigong “double spears stabbed the throat and opened the marble at the same time”. The audience screamed repeatedly. Applause!

Provide security in all directions and stabilize the jungle. The Dharma Master asked for alms, made offerings to the Buddhas in the ten directions, and thanked the people in the all directions. Amitabha!

Scene Three: The Realm.

“Lotus “

Chinese dance

“Ancient Calling‘’

Scene Four: Enlightenment.

“Role of vivacious young woman”

“Ink color”

“Once Upon a time”

Scene Five: Emptiness


“GuqinPu’an Mantra”

The Four Directions of Universal Peace and the Settlement of the Jungle. 

The Master  took the mantle and made offerings to the Buddhas, and thank you all.  Amitabha Buddha!

At the end of the song, the master puts down the empty scroll, which means that all phenomena are empty and the mind is at ease.


On-site Love Ambassador Cheque Donation Ceremony

Grand Lucky Draw:

The organizer prepared 8 cash red envelopes, three freshwater pearls, and a piece of “Zen” calligraphy written by Master Shi Xing Wu . Congratulations to the distinguished guests.

The special prize is a 24k pure gold Maitreya Buddha worth $2999 sponsored by “Zhenjin Store”. Congratulations to the distinguished guests.

The dinner ended with a charity auction. All proceeds, after deducting expenses, will be donated to the temple building fund of the Cing Wu Zen Temple Society charity organization and to help poor families in need.

Special thanks to the 2023 “Zen Realm” performance team:

1, Master Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre of Canada

2,Motion Artistry 

3,Crystal Arts Academy

4,bright sunset dance academy

5, Heart String Studio

6,Vancouver Mandarin Drama Society

7,Flower Dance of Canada

8,Golden Maple Leaf Modeling Team

9,Colours of Dance Academy

Thanks to the on-site conference photography team:

October Studio Ltd.

Phoenix TV 



Thanks to the host team:

Adam,Simon,C.Y. David Tong,  Steve, Mike.

Thanks to the Stage Manager: ManZhao Liu.

Thanks to the Director of Video and Video Player Production: Stanley. 

Thanks Joyce and Ziying .

Thanks to the Hosting Team:

Vancouver Mandarin Drama Society

Kristar Studio,  Kennith

Thanks to the volunteer team:

Eric Chen,David Liao,Linxiang Wang,Tao Wang,Wenxuan Wang,Josie Chang,Ivy Liang.

Thanks to the co-organizers:

Motion Artistry 

Kristar  Studio

Master Shi XingWu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultueal Centre

Thanks to the supporting and sponsoring units and individuals (in no particular order)

Thanks to all major media reports: (listed in no particular order)

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to every benevolent person and every compassionate Bodhisattva for their generosity and full support. Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple’s 2023 “Zen Realm” original stage play and Suxin Charity Dinner were a complete success. See you next year!