On December 13, 2023, the Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple charity donated a batch of safe food to the Richmond Food Bank in Canada. Christmas is approaching, and it expresses holiday greetings and care to those in need. , dedicate a love.

What is a food bank? (Food Bank)P A food bank is an organization that provides food to people in urgent need. Depending on their needs, they may be set up as warehouses or retail stores. Volunteers often donate resources, especially food, in the form of vouchers or coupons to those in need. Some food banks are even mobile, allowing them to reach those who need it most.People with low incomes receive the most aid because they need it the most. Once a family pays rent and utilities, they may not be able to pay for food. People are sometimes forced to choose between buying food and buying other needs.Richmond Food Bank provides healthy food to Richmond families in need, no matter their reason. Service and Event Information The Richmond Food Bank provides people in need with access to food and services necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Every week, the Richmond Food Bank delivers healthy and nutritionally balanced meals to more than 1,400 people, providing Richmond residents with healthy food choices and access to relevant services to address the root causes of poverty.Address:Richmond Food Bank100-5800 Cedarbridge Way,Richmond, BC V6X 2A7Tel:604-271-5609

The act of making offerings and benevolent donations is just to wish for more compassion and kindness in the world. The Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple Charity Organization upholds the vision of compassion and love and helping all living beings, hoping to help people in need receive kind care and help. To tide over the difficulties temporarily.

Giving is a practice method in the Six Perfections of Buddhism. No matter what kind of giving or what you give, as long as you can let go of yourself and wholeheartedly benefit and help all sentient beings, that is the most ultimate and perfect giving.Blessings come from offerings and donations. “Samantabhadra’s Practical Vows” says: Among all offerings, Dharma offerings are the best. If it benefits you, please feel free to forward it. Amitabha!