Dear Bodhisattva, dear disciples, dear friends,Happy New Year to everyone! Amitabha!I am Master Shi Xing Wu of Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada. On January 1, 2024, we ushered in the Jiazi month, Jiazi day, and Jiazi New Year’s Day. Entering a new Jiazi cycle, which means the return of spring, the beginning of a new era, a new year, a new beginning, and everything is renewed. Here, I extend my best wishes to everyone!

Since Xing Wu Zen Temple was officially approved as a legal charity by the Canadian federal government on February 10, 2022, it has been adhering to our mission: to promote the development of religion; to help alleviate the poverty of those in need or with low incomes. We have also been vigorously promoting our vision: compassion and love, and helping all living beings.

In 2023, my team, disciples, and volunteers and I worked tirelessly side by side, strengthen our beliefs, and worked hard step by step.

In the past year, Xing Wu Zen Temple has donated safe and healthy food to the Richmond Food Bank of Canada many times; during the Spring Festival, it held a lantern and prayer ceremony and provided free vegetarian meals; it also held an annual The “Zen Heart Respecting the Elderly and Longevity Banquet” hosted more than 200 elderly people for free at the luncheon; upon learning of the major earthquake in Turkey, Xing Wu Zen Temple donated materials to the earthquake-stricken areas, including a total of 100 new winter clothes and 20 new sets of children’s warm and cold clothing. Down jackets and cotton pants, raincoats, quilts and other.At the initiative of Teresa Wat, MLA, many monks from Xing Wu Zen Temple and BC Province from different ethnic groups and more than a hundred believers went to the BC Provincial Legislature and actively participated in relevant initiatives to support the “BC Buddhist Culture Day” series of activities. The first Sunday in May each year officially becomes BC Buddhist Culture Day.During May, Xing Wu Zen Temple hosted the “Love the Earth. Multicultural Carnival Vegetarian Culture Festival” large-scale outdoor parent-child event. More than 3,000 citizens participated in the event, including dignitaries from the three levels of Canadian government, nearly a hundred businesses, and the media. With the participation and support of multicultural support units from all walks of life, the event was a complete success and full of Dharma joy.At the same time, Xing Wu Zen Temple launched a public welfare activity of “Guqin and Guzheng Training”, a traditional Chinese musical instrument; in August, Master Shi Xing Wu and 30 students and Guzheng students were invited to participate in the “Vancouver Summer Movie Nights” performance special for Vancouver People demonstrated Chinese Kung Fu and traditional culture. Master Shi Xing Wu also led students to participate in the Gratitude and Love Charity Gala organized by the Canadian Emotional Health Association, performing Chinese Kung Fu weapons and Chinese musical instruments for the public, actively promoting traditional Chinese culture.On October 7, 2023, Xing Wu Zen Temple hosted the 2023 “Zen Realm” large-scale original stage play and Suxin charity dinner. A total of more than 300 people participated in the event, presenting an unparalleled Chinese traditional culture and A cultural display of the beauty of the combination of Buddhist culture.In 2024, Xing Wu Zen Temple will continue to work hard and hold more charity activities. At the same time, we also need more like-minded people to join us. Here, I would like to express my special thanks to the Xing Wu Zen Temple, the Canadian Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center, the disciples, students, parents, volunteers, and compassionate Bodhisattvas who support Master Shi Xing Wu. Thank you. trust and support! I am grateful to the Bodhisattvas from all walks of life for their support, care and donations, for their companionship, and for their protection. Thank you!Because of your support, I will always remind myself that I must always uphold righteous thoughts, correct knowledge, correct awareness, and correct Dharma, maintain awe and humility, and never forget my original intention, so that I can always succeed.There is a verse in the Diamond Sutra: “The past mind cannot be grasped, the present mind cannot be grasped, and the future mind cannot be grasped.” We cannot control or change what has happened, nor can we predict or speculate on future events. Just focus on the present, cherish every minute and every second of the present, and strive to do everything well in the present. Only when you have big wishes in your heart, light in your eyes, and strength under your feet can you go a long way and realize your dreams.Winter is gone and spring is coming again. Looking forward to 2024, the Year of the Dragon, a new year and new hope. I believe that only when you have faith can you go far. Let us welcome the New Year with confidence and expectation.On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year of 2024, I would like to extend my most sincere New Year prayers and blessings to all the Bodhisattvas: I wish all the faithful Bodhisattvas and your relatives and friends good luck, peace and health, tranquility, joy, harmony and prosperity. , wisdom and compassion. Wish the motherland prosperity! Wish you world peace!Namo Amitabha!Master Shi Xing Wu joins hands on December 31, 2023