On the afternoon of January 2, 2024, Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple held the first public health seminar of the new year, with more than 50 people participating in the event. Although the weather was bad, cold and rainy, it could not stop everyone’s enthusiasm for health. The scene was full of laughter and joyful, everyone actively participated in the exercise, and the scene was warm and harmonious.

The host briefly introduced the charity organization of Xing Wu Zen Temple to everyone, and how Master Shi Xing Wu has been leading the public with Zen and Buddhist culture for many years, showing compassion and love, helping all living beings and serving the society.

Teacher Cora Yu from Xianxinge played guzheng for everyone on the spot.

Teacher Liang Bo also gave everyone a wonderful Hulusi performance.

Teacher Wang Jingxia sang a song “Happiness Comes” to cheer everyone up.

Joyce, the head coach of Shi Xing  Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center, shared the knowledge of daily health and wellness with everyone, and led everyone to take movements on the spot to use Qigong to maintain health and prevent diseases. Teacher Joyce carefully and patiently explains the essentials of each movement, how to cooperate with breathing, adjust breath, use correct exercise methods to maintain your health and improve your own immunity. Everyone benefited a lot and actively asked many questions to interact with the teacher.

At the end of the seminar, the organizer also prepared Zen tea snacks, fruits, and New Year gifts for everyone.

The New Year’s public welfare health and wellness seminar has been successfully concluded. Everyone came here happily and returned with a full load. We hope that from today on, everyone will pay more attention to health, take more active exercises, and love life. We wish everyone good health and all the best in the new year!Canada Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center will offer courses in the 2024 New Year. Welcome to inquire and sign up!