The cycle of time is like a profound picture, engraved with every detail of life. On March 17, 2024, we ushered in the annual “Zen Heart Respecting the Elderly and Longevity Banquet Charity Luncheon”. This year is the ninth consecutive charity luncheon for the elderly. The initiator is Master Shi Xing Wu. It is hosted by the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society and co-organized by the Vancouver Seniors’ Singing Club.

More than 200 invited elders, guests and friends, volunteers and performance groups gathered together to enjoy a sumptuous lunch and enjoy a variety of exciting cultural activities, Chinese kung fu, traditional dance, Chinese musical instruments, opera and other rich performances. The scene was warm and lively, bringing endless joy and memories to the elders.

The event officially started at 11:30. The master of ceremonies, Kenneth and Wenwen, respectfully asked Master Shi Xing Wu to pray for everyone. The Master is wearing a red cassock and has a solemn appearance. He chants sutras and prays for the elders and guests to pray for longevity, blessings and longevity, and for world peace!

(Event emcees Kenneth and Wenwen)

Guest Soeeches:

Dr. Joey Ng

Chair of Smart Soho Foundation

Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple Society Menbership Director ,

Jack Chen

Aspects Finacial CEO ,

Steven Cao

Co-organizer: Vancouver Senior’s Singing Club,

Eric Szeto

United Nations Ambassador Peace,

Dr. Anba Kunjayah

Master Shi XingWu Presented the guests whit prayer bands

Tina 85 Years old, President of General Association of the Gangzhou

The master of ceremonies invited centenarians and elders over 90 years old to sit on the stage. Master Shi Xing Wu personally wore a prayer belt for each elder, presented a calligraphy with the word “longevity”, and a blessing bag with a package of longevity noodles.

An 80-year-old elder was then invited to the stage to receive a blessing belt from Master Shi Xing Wu, a calligraphy painting with the word “Fu”, and a blessing bag with a package of longevity noodles.

Every guest, volunteer, and actor at the scene received a lucky bag personally presented by the Master.

(Group photo at the scene)

Master Shi Xing Wu issued a certificate of appreciation to thank the donations, volunteers and performance team for their support.

Master Shi Xing Wu and the guests put the finishing touch on the golden dragon.

Students from Shi Cing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre performed dragon dance, and the golden dragon soared auspiciously, wishing the guests and elders good health, longevity, peace and auspiciousness.

The conference arranged a very exciting and rich cultural and entertainment performance, including traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, opera, folk dance, pop songs and other programs, which were dizzying. There was constant excitement on the stage, applause from the audience, and the scene was warm and happy.

The on-site lucky draw pushed the event to a climax. The Xing Wu Zen Temple Society prepared 30 cash red envelope draws, and the Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center donated 20 health gifts. Happy lucky draw, everyone was happy, the scene was filled with laughter, and everyone left happily.

Many elders and guests at the scene expressed their heartfelt thanks. Xing Wu Zen Temple can hold such a meaningful charity event every year and care for the elderly. So many people spend a happy and wonderful time together. They really feel very happy.

At the same time, everyone deeply feel the compassion of Master Shi Xing Wu. The “Zen Heart Respecting the Elderly and Longevity Banquet” has been held for 9 years this year. Master’s original intention is to promote traditional Chinese virtues, respect and love the elderly, and use this event to convey the message of caring for the elderly. , give full play to the spirit of solidarity of helping each other and carry forward the fine traditional Chinese virtues of respecting the elderly, loving the elderly and caring for the elderly, and convey love to the elderly. Caring for the elderly and caring for the disadvantaged groups, Master Shi Xing Wu and his team are sincerely dedicated to helping the elderly receive attention and love. Use a warm heart to convey love and care, and let the Zen Heart Respect and Longevity Banquet last forever, illuminating the life journey of every elder.

The “Zen Heart Respecting the Elderly and Longevity Banquet 2024” was a complete success and extremely auspicious! Thank you to all the staff in front of and behind the scenes, thank you to all the donors, thank you to the volunteers, thank you to the actors, thank you to every elder and guest who attended the event, see you next year!

Thanks to supporting Units:

Master Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultral Centre, Yuan Linglang, GuYue Dance School , Zhang Haiyan Dance School, Harmony Music School, Sheyna DingDing,Happy Cloud Dnace,Lily + Karen, Alice Crestejo,Hu Keliang,Lilian Tang,Ya Chao,Ariel Wang,HearString Guqin & Guzheng Studio,Kristar Studio, Gianna ,Richard,Li Zhi.

Thanks to the Photographer:

Simon, C.Y. Sudu Team.