On the morning of April 13, 2024, the “Second Love the Earth Multicultural Art and Expo Festival , and the First BC Buddhist Culture Day, International Buddha Bathing Festival” press conference hosted by the Xing Wu Zen Temple of Canada was held at the Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre in Richmond.

On a good and auspicious day, the Buddha’s light shines brightly and the sky appears auspicious. Master Shi Xing Wu , the abbot of Xing Wu Zen Temple in Canada, as well as eminent monks and sages, as well as special guests and more than 100 believers from all over the places participated in the grand event.

At the auspicious moment, the host announced the official start of the press conference. First, Master Shi Xingwu and other masters chanted sutras and worshiped Buddha, and held a solemn and special blessing ceremony for the public.

(Hosts Kenneth and Cao Sisi)

Master Shi Xing Wu , the abbot of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple, the organizer, delivered a speech:


Dear Master Shengming, Master Shixue, Master Yaoyuan, Master Xinmiao, distinguished guests and friends, friends from the media, good morning!

Today, the light of the Buddha shines everywhere, it is auspiciousness day. We are here with many distinguished friends and numerous friends. We are grateful for all the good causes and we can participate in this grand event together with you.

The “Second Love the Earth Multicultural Art & Expo Festival “, the “First BC Buddhist Culture Day” and the International Buddha Bathing Festival hosted by the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple will be held grandly on May 5th.

At the same time, we received strong support from the provincial government, Teresa Wat, MLA, the City of Richmond and Mayor Malcolm Brodie.  The May 5 event hosted by Xing Wu Zen Temple was announced as “BC Buddhist Culture Day.”

The purpose of hosting this event is to inherit Buddhism, promote Buddhist culture, promote Dharma and benefit living beings, let more people understand the compassion and wisdom of Buddhism, everyone has love, kindness, and kind thoughts, and all living beings can coexist peacefully, praying for the world Peace.

After nearly a year of preparations, we have also received support from many good friends and the public, as well as reports and support from so many friends from the media. We have joined forces with a number of friendly co-organizers to work together to do this well. An event worth looking forward to. Thank you for your support!

May 5th, King George Park, bathe in the grace of Buddha and enjoy the joy of Dharma with everyone!


Master Shi Xing Wu

Master’s words:

Master Shengming delivered a speech

Master Yaoyuan delivered a speech

Master Shixu delivered a speech

Master Xinmiao delivered a speech

When the devotees from all over the world heard the Dharma, they felt as if they were bathed in the spring breeze, and felt joyful and praised with joy.

Teresa Wat, MLA delivered a speech and issued a congratulatory letter

Dr. Anba Kunjayah, United Nations Peace Ambassador delivered a speech

Tianyi Health Center, a friendly co-organizer, Lucy Liu delivered a speech

Organizer: Kristar Studio Katharine An delivered a speech

Joint Co-organizer- Director Ling Yu, founder of Charme Club Media Company, delivered a speech

Joint Co-organizer-Columbia Music Dance school Jessica Jia delivered a speech

Joint  co-organizer
Shing Starts Intercultural Society of Canada
Jia Hui delivered a speech

Joint co-organizer – Multicultural Artists Alliance Society of Canada, Eric Szeto delivered a speech

Dr. Jay Lees, President Global Economic Development Institute delivered a speech

And distinguished VIP guests from all walks of life delivered speeches and blessings:

Jack Chen, Membership Director of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Society

Daniel Lee Director of the Canadian Xing Wu Zen Temple Society

Christian Yuan, President of Star Ring Goup

Tai Jiang, CEO of FX 168 Group

(top) Tina, Shing Starts Intercultural Society of Canada

(middle) Helen Li, founder of Flowers and Horse in Spring Group

(bottom) Jing Gao, Affinity Financial Services Inc

(top) Zhang Jinsheng, a famous Chinese painting master Tong 

(middle) Xu, president of the North American Construction Industry General Chamber of Commerce

(bottom) Steven Sun , Yuan’s Hotpot Group

(top) Zhang Haiyan, leader of Zhang Haiyan Chinese Dance Group

(middle) Xie Guirong, captain of Vancouver Hunan Gong and Drum Team

(bottom) Ivan, leader of Huaren Choir of Vancouver

(top) David Tong, Senior Chinese Society of Vancouver

(middle) Liu Jianping, President of the Surrey Branch of the Canadian Overseas Chinese Federation

(bottom) Master Ye Geng, President of Western Canada Chinese kung fu institute

LED friendly sponsorship: Leo Xue. WeChat Media

Zhang Haiyan Chinese Dance Group performed Chinese dance

Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center performed Chinese Kung Fu

Heartstring performed Chinese musical instrument ensemble

Zhang Haiyan Chinese Dance Group performed Chinese dance

(Group photo)

The press conference was a perfect and holy one, filled with the joy of Dharma. May 5th, 11am-6pm, King George Park, Richmond, looking forward to your arrival!

There will be a large-scale outdoor event that combines multiculturalism and Buddhist culture, full of love and warmth, and illuminated by Buddha’s light. On that day, there will be many masters of different nationalities praying for everyone on the spot, making offerings to Buddha, fasting, and monks, bathing the Buddha, offering lamps for blessings, making wishes and praying, etc.

At the same time, it also combines traditional Chinese culture of music, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, wine, flowers and tea, as well as cultural booths of various ethnic groups, various delicacies, on-site red envelope draws, exquisite gifts, cute pet shows, children’s inflatable parks, environmental protection and multicultural performances from several different nationalities, among others.

Admission to the grand carnival is free. People from all walks of life are welcome to bring their families, relatives and friends to the site to participate in this grand Buddhist cultural event and enjoy a happy, beautiful and auspicious day.

May 5th, 11am-6pm, King George Park, Richmond,

see you there!

I wish you all good luck and prosperity!

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