On Sunday, May 5, 2024, the second Love the Earth Multicultural Arts and Expo Festival hosted by Xing Wu Zen Temple, as well as the first BC Buddhist Culture Day and International Buddha Bathing Festival, were held grandly in King George Park, Richmond.

The event started at 10 a.m. and lasted until 6 p.m., attracting thousands of people to participate in the carnival and Buddha bathing ceremony. With the participation and support of dignitaries from the three levels of Canadian government, nearly a hundred businesses, many well-known media and support units from various multicultural industries, the event was a complete success.

At the same time, this activity is used to convey the Buddhist spirit of compassion and love, advocate the integration and exchange of Chinese and Western multiculturalism, call for love for the earth, environmental protection and energy conservation, create a harmonious and beautiful community home, and pray for world peace, people’s happiness, and national peace and prosperity.

People who come to participate in the event can enjoy a variety of delicious food, a variety of merchants to choose from, a variety of humanities and arts, traditional Chinese culture such as music, chess, calligraphy and painting, cultural displays and experiences of poetry, flowers and tea, and many famous calligraphers and painters. It is an on-site painting and calligraphy display; an on-site free clinic at Tianyi Health Center and a charity sale of Thermomix Love Pumpkin Soup. All proceeds will be donated to the charity organization of Xing Wu Zen Temple Society.

(Tianyi Health Center Team)

(Thermomix Pumpkin Soup Charity Sale)

Zhao Chu Dharma Master Enlightenment and blessing

Da Yi Dharma Master Enlightenment and blessing

Shi Jian Zong Dharma Master Enlightenment and blessing

Venerable Prapun Patdhakijo
Venerable Somkid Sudhiyano
From Thailand

Teresa Wat MLA delivered a speech and presented a congratulatory letter to Master Shi Xing Wu

Master Shi Xing Wu delivered a speech:

Respectful Zhao Chu Dharma Master,

Respectful Da Yi Dharma Master,

Respectful Shi Jian Zong Dharma Master,

Venerable Somkid Sudhiyano Venerable Prapun Patdhakijo,

Thank you very much for coming all the way to support us today, BC’s first Buddhist Culture Day and International Buddha Bathing Day. I am very touched and very happy, because today, May 5th, is a very special day. We Buddhist disciples are promoting the Dharma overseas and have finally received recognition and support from the provincial and municipal governments. Thank you for your unremitting efforts!

Thanks to the grace of the Buddha and grateful for the blessings of the Buddha, I also hope to use this special cause and the power of all the great elders, great monks and all the great dharma masters to jointly pray for the prosperity of Buddhism, world peace, harmony of all living beings, happiness and health!


Thanks again everyone!

Shi Xing Wu

All distinguished guests, friendly co-organizers, dotted the eyes of the golden dragon and lion together and blessed them.

In the afternoon, at the International Buddhist Dharma Seminar, masters and laypeople discussed the inheritance and development of Buddhism overseas; how to let young people understand and inherit Buddhist culture; and the positive impact of Buddhism in daily life.

Special thanks to director Ling Yu’s team, stage manager Dennis, host Han Aitong’s team, Kristal Studio, Lao Fu sound effects, Stanley and all the staff in front of and behind the scenes. Special thanks to our excellent and powerful volunteer team, WECHAT MEDIA Big Screen Leo, and the students of Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center. From early morning installation work to 8 o’clock in the evening, they still stuck to their posts and worked hard in the rain until the last moment to clean up the venue. They don’t even have a highlight lens or a comfortable resting environment. The venue is still full of their ubiquitous figures and silent dedication. Thank you very much for everyone’s hard work and tolerance,appreciate all of you!

TCCS Tri-Cities United Volunteer Association)

(Vancouver Sunshine Youth Lions Club)

(Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre)

Warm congratulations to the “2nd Love the Earth Multicultural Arts and Expo Festival” and “the first BC Buddhist Culture Day “ and “International Buddha Bathing Festival” for their success and joy of Dharma! A grand community charity outdoor event, on an auspicious and special day, all with the blessing of the Buddha, the great elders, great monks, and great masters, it was a perfect success in the special weather, full of Dharma joy !

We sincerely thank MLA Teresa Wat for her active advocacy and all the people who worked hard and signed the petition. BC Buddhist Culture Day and Richmond BC Buddhist Culture Day have been recognized by the government, allowing Buddhist culture to be widely promoted and passed down in Canada. The bodhi seeds of this beautiful cause continue to bear fruit in North America. Amitabha!

Thanks to the friendly co-organizers and sponsors:

Thanks to the supporting merchants, multicultural support units, performance teams, and major media reports:

Thanks to the Organizer & the co-organizer:

Thanks to to Director :Ling Yu

Thanks to the stage manager :Dennis

Thanks for the video production :Stanley

Thanks for the sound effect : Lao Fu Sound Team

Thanks to MC:Iris and Vancouver Youth and Children’s Theatre

Thanks to the dragon dance team:Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre

Thanks to the lion dance team:Bak Mei Martial Arts Association

Thanks to the photographer:Simon, Sudu, David Tong

Thanks to live broadcast and media sponsors:FX168,Lao La

Thanks for sponsoring the on-site LED screen:Leo Xue. WeChat Media

Thanks for the venue arrangement: Kristar Studio, Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Centre

Thank you for the flower sponsorship:Catherine

Thanks for a the media promotion : HOHA

Thank you for all the media support