On May 13, 2024, on the special occasion of Buddha Bathing Day, the charity organization of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society made a loving donation to the Richmond Hospital Foundation. Led by Master Shi Xing Wu, Chairman of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society , members of the board of directors of the charity and related members attended and witnessed this charity donation event.

Xing Wu Zen Temple grandly held the second Love the Earth Multicultural Art and Expo Festival, the first BC Buddhist Culture Day, and the International Buddha Bathing Festival on May 5. It received widespread support from all walks of life and achieved great success.

However, due to the weather that day, the sales of merchants were not satisfactory. Master Shi Xing Wu compassionately donated the remaining funds from this event to the Richmond Hospital Foundation on behalf of everyone. The donation amount is: $4389, which will be used to support the most urgently needed projects in the hospital. He hopes that with this charity, he can give back to the society and help those in need.

On the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, this is the special day of the Buddha Bathing Festival. We wish everyone peace, joy, and good physical and mental health. Use precepts as incense, patience as water, diligence as strength, wisdom as a mirror, compassion as aspiration, bathe yourself with the light of Buddha’s wisdom, compassion and love, and turn all worries into joy, coolness and ease.